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History of The Wellness Advocates of Detroit

Our non-profit "The Wellness Advocates of Detroit," was inspired by our early development in the summer of 2003 from our invaluable experiences as Cheeks Colon Care, LLC (for profit).  We believed then, as we believe today that death begins in the colon.  Our mission was simple provide colon-hydro therapy to residents of the City Detroit and surrounding communities, with the hope of helping people eliminate harmful waste and toxins from their colons.  Additionally, we encouraged our customers to adopt healthier dietary practices.   Cheeks Colon Care began and remains a family business, from the very beginning we wanted to dedicate our services for the benefit of the Metropolitan Detroit family.  After four years of providing colon hydro therapy we decided to expand our menu of services to include reflexology, and foot bath detoxification. After nine years of serving thousand clients we decided that we needed to do more for our customers, this revelation lead us to notion of offering wellness education and programming for our area families.  The preceding events coupled with our concerns for the wellness of our community, gave birth our non-profit "The Wellness Advocates of Detroit." We intend to introduce the discipline of Yoga Therapy to the urban community for both Adults and Youth, we seek to initiate wellness peer groups for adults and youth everywhere, and we will also advocate for the creative development of Youth leadership in every aspect of community life.      We, "The Wellness Advocates of Detroit", define ourselves as "change agents".  Our mission, is to offer the residents of the Metropolitan Detroit area, wellness services, disease prevention education, programming, and training; designed to assist the individual (Adult or Child) in self-discovery and wellness empowerment, made possible only through lifestyle change. Effective 08/21/2014 the IRS granted "The Wellness Advocates of Detroit" 501.c3 status.

About The Co-Founders

Clifford A. Cheeks (also affectionately known as NKOSI SEVE CHUI)

First and foremost Mr. Cheeks is the devoted husband and business partner to Co-founder Darcia D.  Cheeks, whose talents and skills sparked the reality of our former business "Cheeks Colon Care," and the  revelation that gave birth to "The Wellness Advocates of Detroit."  Mr. Cheeks is the founder, CEO/Executive Director of the Wellness Advocates of Detroit.  He is a true advocate and is well known in the community as a stealth leader, a true agent of change, and driven to speak up for, support, and encourage others. He is an advocate for the African American family, and families in general. He believes that unless families commit to radical lifestyle change, families will continue to be challenged with poor health conditions and premature death. He believes that commitment to change is the only choice, and that for everyone the possibility for wellness is available, but only through change.  Mr. Cheeks received his Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Michigan University (Speech and Dramatic Arts), a Masters' degree at Oakland University (Public Administration) and a Juris Doctorate from Wayne State University Law school.  Note: Mr. Cheeks, as Equal Opportunity Officer /Department Manager, managed the City of Detroit’s Correction to Work program. This program was funded by a U.S. Department of Justice grant. The grant’s mandate; place 200 parolees/probationers/ex-felons into unsubsidized employment, and 150,  into subsidized employment over a two year period, including six month post completion follow-up assessments.  Our program emphasized behavior modification, providing encounter group process work, coupled with life skills training.  We successfully eliminated the felony barrier, and met all of our two year mandates within one year.     

Darcia D.Dubose Cheeks (Paramdev Kaur)

Mrs. Cheeks’ father (Arthur Dubose) planted a fertile seed in her at a young age, empowering her to seek answers about wellness within alternative health practices to ensure a more balance life. Her dad believed that people have a tendency to be overly dependent on the medical industry. He believed that powerful ancestral tools and remedies exist for self-healing. Her dad believed that being totally dependent on doctors was unhealthy, and that there were powerful alternative tools and remedies available for self-healing. For more than twenty years, she has been relentless in her studies of natural healing and living.  Darcia D. Dubose Cheeks is co-founder of "The Wellness Advocates of Detroit" and Director of Wellness Services. She earned a Master’s (Specialist) degree in Humanistic Psychology and Education, from the Center for Humanistic Studies. She has also earned master degrees in Criminal Justice (University Detroit) and Business Management and Supervision (Central Michigan University). She has obtained certifications in colon hydrotherapy, reflexology, and recently was certified as a Kundalini Yoga Instructor. She uses Yoga to help others to bridge the gap that may exist in balancing one's mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual self. She believes that participating in wellness education is the first step toward change. 

Reda G. Campbell

If one has ever received services at Cheeks Colon Care, you were greeted with warmth and a smile by Darcia's mother, Ms. Reda Campbell.  Ms. Campbell has been a loyal and devoted volunteer for Cheeks Colon Care and "The Wellness Advocates of Detroit" from their inceptions.  In fact, Cheeks Colon Care could not have survived without her commitment and devotion. As a customer service advocate, she exceeds all expectations in her delivery of quality service.  Mrs. Campbell, it should be noted, provided 45 years of distinguished service as a court clerk at Detroit's 36th District Court.


On January 26, 2016, "The Wellness Advocates of Detroit," was awarded a grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, to fund grant writing and consultant services. April 2015. The Wellness Advocates of Detroit was awarded a grant funded by The Pollination Project, Seeding Projects That Change The World. Effective August 21, 2014 the IRS granted "The Wellness Advocates of Detroit" 501.c3 status.

Non Discrimination Policy and Statement

Read our Non Discrimination Policy and Statement.
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